DSR Weld Specialties, is a company with facilities in Waukesha, Wisconsin(R&R Weld Specialties Inc.) Founded  and operated by Robert and Linda Caldwell , began by creating automated welding equipment , and later moved into specialized welding services, with materials like Titanium, Aluminum , Austenitic , Martensitic Stainless Steels, Tool Steels, for a diverse group of world class customers, US NAVY, GE , Waukesha Engine, ABB, and more.

In June of 2007 Domonic And Suzanne Radmer created (DSR Welding LLC) and purchased R & R Weld Specialties , we have strived to be a world class leader in welding services, we perform welding throughout the US for our customers, we supply welding services and fabrications for the Power geration Industry, Machine tool companies, construction , automotive.

In 2014 we combined the names to create DSR Weld Specialties, LLC,

We contine with our Specialized welding and have added CNC Plasma cutting, Auto cad, some tube and pipe bending.

DSR Weld Specialties, LLC.


Giving back

As a whole we sponsor a few charities through direct contribution, or fundraising events , and still offer walk in services for consumers. artist

Titanium Turbines, or Aluminum Cooling buss bars, Steel Staircases.